For more than 20 years we have been involved in natural rejuvenation.
The methods, created by Dr. Joanna Hakimova,
Biologist and one of the 5 most popular Facialists worldwide according to ELLE, help slow down the aging process in a totally natural way

Our Product Line

Over 80 products have been specifically designed to satisfy all needs, to pamper skin with different criticalities, to guarantee specific treatments and to give the skin a new life in a unique and targeted way. Biology, bio passion, bio-formulation and biodermoactive logic have been concentrated in our NaturalBioLifting line.

For all of you.

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Our formulas

Body Sun Protection

Sun Protection Milk 50+

35,00 VAT included
50,00 VAT included
60,00 VAT included

Face Masks

Oxygenating Mask

39,00 VAT included

Face Creams

Elastin comfort Cream

50,00 VAT included

Face Serums

Alpha-Arbutin Glow

48,00 VAT included


Cotton Glove

7,00 VAT included

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